Monday, February 06, 2006

How About a Little Leadership, Mr. President?

How About a Little Leadership, Mr. President?

Where’s Waldo?  (Another Michael Savagism.)

Where IS Waldo?  By Waldo, I mean President Bush?  And by “where,” I mean WHERE is the President on the “CARTOON JIHAD” (a Michelle Malkinism) issue?

President Bush has thus far already made one unremarkable expression of discomfort over the poor taste of the cartoons.  


Is that the best you’ve got, Mr. President?  

We are looking for LEADERSHIP, Mr. President, not a wetted-finger stuck in the wind to see which way the polls are running.

Hint: You are the Leader of the Free (read: non-Jihadist) world.  Are you simply going to hide behind your Oval Office door and try to wait this one out while embassy after embassy in the Middle East is burned and vandalized by crazed Muslim hordes?

Or, are you going to stand up – publicly – for LIBERTY (including freedoms of press, speech, AND RELIGION)?

Are you going to tell the world that we will NOT let these Islamofascists intimidate us with their Nazi tactics?

This is NO time for diplomatic double-speak.  


Our boys are not in Iraq and Afghanistan to make the world safe for Government-as-Approved-by-Imams – or at least they shouldn’t be.  They should be fighting in the cause of TRUE liberty.

We are waiting, Mr. President.

The whole world is watching.

This is NO time to fold like wet cardboard, Sir!


Blogger TexasFred said...

I don't think Bush knows WHAT to do, and some of the other leaders in DC are no better, we need some MASSIVE leadership, and a show of leadership...

And the MSM needs to publish the cartoon pics, let's call the ragheads OUT... Try burning some stuff down in MY neighborhood...

The Judge has spoken and Court IS in Session...

Mon Feb 06, 09:58:00 PM PST  
Blogger TexasFred said...

Judge, you're right, we need some strong leadership and we need it now, and I am all for calling em out. Let's just go ahead and accelerate the inevitable..

Mon Feb 06, 10:06:00 PM PST  
Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

Why do the people of the Muslim world think it is alright to burn our flag, walk on a former presidents face and call for the destruction of Christains and Jews, everyday...Why do they think this is alright? These stories get all kind of press. The stories show our demise in one way shape or form, but no other person can demoralize them in anyway. Why do we have to tip toe around them and they can stomp all over us? I have never seen us take to the streets when they burnt our flag. I have never seen us take to the streets when they chopped of one of our citizens head. Come on people wake up...this seems awful one sided to me.

Tue Feb 07, 01:24:00 PM PST  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Well, MM, why would we bother with demonstrations or riots, when we can just drop cluster bombs on people from aircraft?

Thu Feb 09, 05:50:00 PM PST  

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