Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ragheady Ann

Ragheady Ann

Apparently, the gutsy Ann Coulter has ruffled some feathers by referring to Muslim terrorists using the term “raghead” during her recent address to CPAC in Washington.

As you might imagine, the politically correct among us (on both the right and the left) are “shocked, SHOCKED!” to learn that Ann used such a “racist” term!

I say: What took you so long, Ragheady Ann?  Good on you for showing you have more cojones than our combined JCS!

Surprisingly, even Michelle Malkin has lost her usual steady nerve on this one and has backed away from Ann’s use of such “naughty” terminology.

Townhall’s Tim Chapman has a self-flagellating, hand-wringer of a piece on Ann’s blunt talk.  (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.)  Judging from the comments (including my own), a number of people tend to see this non-event the way I do.

Expose the Left’s blogsman shows the Left’s hypocrisy on Ann’s choice of words, even if he doesn’t much care for her choice of words himself.

Thanks to Stop the ACLU.

Thanks to PointFive blog.


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