Monday, December 26, 2005

Heart- Warming Tales from the Heart of ROPistan

With a hat tip to lgf, here is a heart-warming tale of paternal love from the heart of ROPistan*.

The most touching twist in this storyline is the Judas Iscariot move by the father in telling her that he had forgiven her and for her to come home for a visit – all as a pretext to his plans to kill her.

The second most touching point is that he slit her throat – killed her like an unbelieving pig – while she slept in his home.

The third most touching point is that this father – defender of the faith that he is – acted pre-emptively to protect his family honor by also slaying his three other (younger – one was only four years old) daughters

Note that the oldest daughter’s “crime” had consisted NOT of immorality outside of marriage, nor even of marrying a non-Muslim.  Rather, she had duly married – and had married within the Faith.  However, she had committed the crime of marrying the man that she actually loved – rather than the man of her father’s choosing.

And, of course, according to the quaint ways of “ROPistan,” for this crime she must needs die!

“Family honor,” and all that, you know!

And George Bush still cannot come out like a man and call our enemies by name.  In view of the fact that he has sent men off to die in this war, the least he could do is have the decency to call them by name, for God’s sake.  

But, NOOOOOOO!  Political correctness is dearer to the Prez than moral clarity.

As Michael Savage says on his show with some regularity: In past wars, we have DEMONIZED our enemies!  During WWII, our propaganda ridiculed the “Japs,” and the “Krauts” with invective that would give today’s NYT/Time/Newsweek reporters the willies!

However, such “demonization” provides both the people and the troops with some sort of moral focus.  War is hard enough already for the soldier in the field without his having to worry about whether or not he is allowed to interrogate captured suspects with vigor – let alone having possibly  said something to offend the enemy.

*ROP stands for “Religion of Peace,” as in President Bush has declared Islam to be a ……


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