Monday, January 09, 2006

Hey, Mr. President, How about KILLING the Enemy in EARNEST? (Or: Fire the “Dummy” in Charge)

Hey, Mr. President, How about KILLING the Enemy in EARNEST?  (Or: Fire the “Dummy” in Charge)

As the number of American fighting men killed in Iraq rises relentlessly, it becomes ever more obvious that the Bush Administration has – in terms of doctrine and strategy, at least, if not in terms of men and materiel – “brought a knife to a gunfight” in Iraq.

As radio talk-show titan Michael Savage points out, we are fighting a ruthless, psychotic enemy who KNOWS NO RULES.

And, yet, we have a Defense Department run by SECDEF Dummy and his Perfumed Prince generals and admirals who are NOTHING if NOT rule-bound in their oversight of the US bloodbath in Iraq.

When our troops “detain” “detainees,” they are forbidden to pull sidearms on them in many situations.

I call for the Pentagon to release – and to CLEAR – the names of ALL soldiers who have been questioned, suspended from assigned duties, or otherwise harassed by the ACLU-friendly JAG officers of the US military in Iraq for simply doing their job of catching the bad guys.  Senator Kennedy, Senator McCain, and all the other enemy sympathizers BE DAMNED!

Oh, but it is not simply a matter of catching the enemy!  Nooooo!  We have to treat them with proper dignity and respect and seemingly show them all the rights accorded the accused under the US Constitution, etc, etc.  Hey, you clueless JAGs – this is WAR!  (And a War without rules, at that – in case you hadn’t taken time out from reading your law school tomes to notice, yet!)

Drawing a weapon in the presence of an unarmed detainee (Note: I did NOT say training the weapon ON the detainee, but simply unholstering it in his presence) is one of the great sins which our men – who are blown up almost daily by these monsters – are forbidden to commit.  (Oh, but wouldn’t that seem threatening?  Why, yes!  That is the whole idea, asshat!)

I say: Time to clean house in the Pentagon, Mr. President – starting with the out-of-touch technocrat at the top (you know, your Dad’s friend, Dummy), followed by a good portion of the “brass” who sometimes seem more concerned about doing a “seven-day” tour in Iraq in order to get “tax-free” status for one month of their six-figure salaries than they are about killing the enemy.

Here is the deal: We need to make it our policy to tell a Sunni village after two roadside bombs go off in its neighborhood:  That is two strikes.  Strike three and you are out: Jets will pulverize your village from one end to the other if ONE MORE IED goes off in your neighborhood.  You are not responsible, you say?  Fine.  Then catch and stop or turn in the bastards who are.  No more of our men are not going to die patrolling in your neighborhood without YOUR paying a price!  Get it, Mr. Village Sheikh?

We are being too nice to the enemy – and the enemy is thanking us by filling our C-5s, C-17s, and C-141s with coffins.  

SECDEF Dummy has made it clear that he will never learn.  How about you, Mr. President?


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