Saturday, January 07, 2006

President Bush: Please Fire This Man (VADM Rodney P. Rempt)!

President Bush: Please Fire This Man (VADM Rodney P. Rempt)!

There is no way that we can fight or win wars under current Pentagon leadership.  We are defeating ourselves.

Nowhere in the Defense Establishment is this truer than among the sissified, girlieman Administrators who run the storied US Naval Academy (USNA).

The latest, most egregiously glaring example of insane, Politically Correct idiocy in the military is the current pogrom being run at Annapolis to change human nature.

Oh, the campaign to change human nature (you know: the part about how keeping members of the two opposite sexes in close proximity for extended periods of times never fails to cause “things” to happen) is called a “zero-tolerance” campaign to rid the Naval Academy campus of “sexual harassment.”  

(Keep in mind, of course, that sexual harassment is defined to mean whatever a female midshipman happens to find “offensive” on any given day – meaning that “You look hot!” from the captain of the football team on a “good-hair day” might be acceptable, whereas “Wow!” from Midshipman Supergeek on a PMS day might be prosecutable!)

Of course, the Navy is NOT taking the obvious course and doing what the Academy did for over a century prior to the 1970s (which is what militaries have been doing for over 5000 years) and RIDDING the campus of female midshipmen.

No!  Instead, the ZTG (Zero Tolerance Gestapo) are going about attempting to eradicate every instance of impure speech or thought!  Hey: Why not call it what it is – thought-control and psychological reprogramming of the normal human sexual response (in an era of increasingly open sexual immorality, no less!).  Oh, and “Good luck!”

Now, of course, the secular religious ZTG zealots – led at Annapolis by Superintendent, VADM Rodney P. Rempt – need a sacrifice to offer to their secular, unisex (or, was that transgendered?), never-prayed-to-in-Jesus’-Name deity.

They now have found their sacrifice (they hope) in dismissed USNA oceanography instructor LT Bryan D. Black, who said something naughty on board a ship to a female midshipmen MONTHS ago.

Too bad for ZTG High Priest Rempt, the victim is not going to go willingly.

In fact, LT Black has hired the foremost name in legal defense of military members being mowed over by the Zero Tolerance (of anything they decide not to tolerate) Gestapo – Mr. Charles Gittins.

Here is wishing Mr. Gittins and Mr Black. all the success in the world in winning LT Black’s job back.

Furthermore, I wish someone in Congress would bite the bullet and tell the truth that women do NOT belong in the halls of our nation’s military academies, on our combat ships, on our combat aircraft, and so on.

I mean, they should do this (get women out of combat ops) ONLY if they care about actually WINNING wars against the likes of the Iranians, the North Koreans, Jihadist Arabs, and/or the Chinese!  

(Hint: The US has not WON outright a true WAR since 1945.  Does that not bother ANYONE in Washington?)

A salute to Mudville Open Post.

A salute to Stop the ACLU.

A salute to The Political Teen.


Anonymous SK said...

Hi JG....You know the question I'm gonna ask and it's not about this post! LOL You said to check back in a couple of days....weeeelllll? Is he home all safe?

Sat Jan 07, 09:41:00 AM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, sk! You remembered! Thank you for asking! The answers are: Safe, yes; in the US, yes; home, not yet!

We are thrilled, of course! Thank you for your prayers. Not everyone in his battalion came home alive or in one piece, however. So, there is some moderation to the joy, as well. -- gunjam

Sat Jan 07, 10:42:00 AM PST  
Anonymous SK said...

I'm still doing a happy dance for you and yours! Woo Hoo!!!!

Indeed I feel sympathy for all who were hurt or lost. Words will never be able to convey our gratitude for the job they performed or for the losses. But they would be the first to want your son and all the others to celebrate their homecoming and be joyous.

Sat Jan 07, 02:46:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, sk! I don't know how to thank you for your very kind words.

I just wish about 100 million more Americans were half as supportive of our troops as you are, sk!

If they were, we would not have lost nearly as many men as we have, I suspect.

Thank you, again. -- gunjam

Sat Jan 07, 05:19:00 PM PST  
Blogger Call Me Grandma said...

I am so happy to hear your soldier made it home safe. I will keep him in my prayers.
I want to thank you for all your support and tell your soldier thanks for serving our country.
God Bless America and our troops.

Sun Jan 08, 06:19:00 AM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

Hi, a mil mom! Thank you for stopping by -- and thank you for your very kind words! Now, let's pray for Dan -- and the others still over there! All the best in 2006 -- gunjam

Sun Jan 08, 12:22:00 PM PST  
Anonymous SK said...

Hey there! There are ALOT more of us than you realize...we just don't get the press. Supporting our military is the least we can do for those who protect us and our country. Thanks to you for raising a fine son and to him for defending me and my family.

Sun Jan 08, 04:29:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, sk! Thank you, again. You are so encouraging and kind. A tip of my hat to you! May your tribe increase! -- gunjam

Sun Jan 08, 08:52:00 PM PST  

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