Friday, January 06, 2006

Chaplain Wins Reprieve – If Not Total Victory

Chaplain Wins Reprieve – If Not Total Victory

I have posted twice (here and here) in recent days on US Navy Chaplain Klingenschmitt’s seemingly quixotic one-man battle against the Pentagon behemoth over his right to pray according to his conscience as a Christian man of God, rather than praying in a “politically correct” manner on cue as a kept religious whore – as at least some US military chaplains seem to be content to do.

In an issue that seems to be boring and/or unimportant to most observers, Klingenschmitt clearly – and rightly – sees to the heart of the matter regarding recent Navy guidance purporting to prescribe how Navy chaplains may and/or may not pray in public settings.

Note: Said guidance calling for Navy chaplains to pray in such-and-such a way blatantly contradicts Pentagon propaganda that chaplains are recruited and maintained to represent their OWN denomination’s beliefs.  Which is it, SECDEF Dummy?  You simply cannot have it both ways.  

Either you will provide the military with principled chaplains with backbone who will pray according to the precepts of the denominations they are ordained to represent, or you will stack the billets with unprincipled preachers who are willing to “change their stripes” in different settings as so many theological chameleons in order to please their spineless superiors.  

The former is the genuine article, the latter is an ersatz, “generic” substitute with no true convictions other than “promote me and give me my paycheck.”  And don’t think the men in the trenches cannot tell the difference between the two – particularly when they are asking for prayer before going off on a dangerous mission.

At any rate, the good Chaplain Klingenschmitt declared a complete fast of water only until such time as President Bush agrees to sign an executive order explicitly stating that US military chaplains may pray according to conscience – regardless of setting.

Well, as so often happens in life, while Klingenschmitt did not win the Executive Order he sought, his superior strength of convictions won out over the theological and moral chameleons in the Pentagon, and he was granted permission both to wear his uniform and pray in Jesus’ Name in public settings.

Chaplain K. is a remarkable man in my view – and I have never even met him.

This fine officer and man of God has more guts than all the rest of the manpower of the Army, Navy, and Air Force chaplain corps combined!  Hats off to you, my brother!

May the LORD bless our troops, I pray – IN JESUS’ NAME!  

Wow!  I SURELY hope that I didn’t OFFEND anyone by praying Jesus’ Name in this PUBLIC forum!

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