Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Miers Hubbub

The Miers Hubbub

Well, to hear it, the Republican/Conservative world is divided against itself over President Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers for associate justice on the Supreme Court.

As Tony Blankley points out, there is not much to be heard on the Democratic/Liberal side of the equation.

There are many Republicans/Conservatives who have weighed in with varying degrees of passion against Miers as underqualified, unknown, etc., to include:

George Will.  (Hat tip: Drudge.)

Michael Savage (via on-air comments).

Pat Buchanan.  (Hat tip: WND.)

Michelle Malkin

Ann Coulter

As well, there are many Republicans/Conservatives who have come out supporting (again with varying degrees of passion) Bush’s nomination, to include:

Rush Limbaugh.  

Thomas Lifson.  (Hat tip: realclearpolitics.)

Tony Blankley.  

James Dobson (Hat tip:

Washington Times Editors.

I will play it mellow: I wish Bush had demonstrated the courage, courtesy, and chutzpah to have nominated a Michael Luttig or a Janice Rogers Brown, but Bush has none of those qualities in overabundant supply.  However, I am cautiously optimistic that Miers will at least be Pro-Life.  (Of course, I could be wrong, too!)  

However, I also think that John LeBoutellier (Hat tip: is very possibly correct when he says this nomination signals that the remainder of Bush’s second term will be “an aimless, agenda-less failure”.


Anonymous SK said...

Since I don't know anything about her, I have to reserve judgement. But it doesn't seem to be 'the best choice'. Wait and see I guess.

Fri Oct 07, 05:22:00 AM PDT  
Blogger GunJam said...

Hi, sk! Good post! Bush's choice, in my view, shows us nothing so much as his either his arrogance or his total removal from reality (read: his being "OUT OF TOUCH"). He has given the finger to the Christian Conservative base one time too many. We have turned our other cheek since he got elected. Now it is out in the open: He doesn't regard us worth regarding - and we don't regard his asshat policies on immigration, wasting money on New Orleans, exploding the Federal Budget, wasting time and money with a bloated and inefficient Departmant of Homeland Security, and fighing a half-assed war where our troops get hammered for looking cross-eyed at the enemy as worth supporting. I have HAD it with his asshattery. Even if Miers is pro-life, he nominated her because HARRY REID recommended her! Bush + Rove = Dumb x 2, in my book. In the meantime, he DAMN well better take the gloves off and HANDLE the BORDER and KICK ASS in Iraq.

Sat Oct 08, 06:36:00 PM PDT  

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