Saturday, October 01, 2005

Try Moving to Pakistan

Try Moving to Pakistan

A Christian Pakistani girl BRAVELY endures brutal kidnapping, beatings, and sexual assaults by (you guessed it!  Her Muslim “neighbors”) – retains her Christian faith.  Don’t expect this story to be put forth by the MSM!  Also, don’t expect CAIR to issue any denunciations of this atrocity.

As we read almost daily of the campaign by the ACLU against public displays of the Ten Commandments or public prayer in Jesus’ Name, it is well that we consider what it is like for non-Muslims to live in the Paradise known as Pakistan.

Now, it occurs to me that most of the leaders and attorneys for the ACLU are NOT Muslims.  And I am sure that many of them have lovely daughters.

I would like to ask them, if they so hate a country where Christianity is honored, then why don’t they take their families to Pakistan for extended vacations, or send their daughters to Pakistan for summer camp – or, better yet, retire to Pakistan?

Well, that will call their bluff EVERY time, as I have NEVER heard of any ACLU types, or Liberal Democrat types, or Leftist Hollywood types, or Cindy Sheehan types CHOOSING Pakistan as their vacation destination.

There is nothing like the America-hating Left.  They enjoy all the benefits of this great country while ACTIVELY working towards its demise.

As for the apologists for the adherents to the “Religion of Peace”, well you are certainly getting some “good” publicity from this episode.  (Not!)


Anonymous SK said...

No thanks, I think I'll stay here. But then again, I'm one of those 'loons' who actually love my country, although certain areas could use a good tweaking.

Wed Oct 05, 07:09:00 AM PDT  
Blogger GunJam said...

Hi, sk! Great post. I agree. -- gunjam

Sat Oct 08, 06:37:00 PM PDT  

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