Friday, December 15, 2006

hugh hewitt's partisan baiting

hugh hewitt's partisan baiting

While I agree with Hugh Hewitt that more ground combat forces are badly needed (i.e., we need to “grow” the Army and Marine Corps), this problem did not occur yesterday – and no one fought this expansion harder than failed SecDef Dumbsfeld.

In this post, the boorishly partisan Hewitt baits the Democrats by questioning their commitment to national security vis-à-vis their vote on this matter of expanding the size of our ground combat forces.

Funny, I never remember Hewitt ONCE berating the REPUBLICAN Bush-Dumbsfeld Duo for THEIR six-year-long, obdurate, WAR-TIME opposition to the very thing that Hewitt is NOW  pushing for as a litmus test of one’s seriousness about defending our national security.

If criticism for the state of our too-small ground forces is good for the Democratic Goose, Mr Hewitt, is it not also meet for the Republican Gander who has been in charge of such matters for the past six years?

P.S. I am a Republican and I support growing our ground combat forces, but I don’t think Hewitt is being intellectually honest here.


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