Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Vile Jimmy Carter Looks to Be Going out a Jew-Hater

The Vile Jimmy Carter Looks to Be Going out a Jew-Hater

The ever-lovely and rapier-sharp Ilana Mercer has posted an article from the NYT on her blog revealing some of the turmoil generated within the Carter Center staff by the ill-starred 39’s latest book that impugns Israel.

Like many another famous man, Carter appears to be happy to go out from this life as a Jew-hater.

Update: Mona Charen forcefully takes Carter to task over his latest book – and over his anti-Israel posture in general.  Good read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey GunJam,

I appreciate your blog. You seem to make an effort at posting interesting, thought provoking information.
I have just a note regarding this post about Jimmy Carters book. I wanted to clarify something for you. Opposition to certain acts carried out by the modern state of Israel, or even the abstraction that is the state itself and the manner in which it was formed, does not equal anti-semitism. I am Jewish, my family has lived outside of the geographic area known in the Bible as Israel for at least 1830 years. We have no interest in returning. My family members are practising conservative Jews, we are far more observant of the practices and tenants of our faith than the vast majority of inhabitants of modern Israel (most of whom are a-religious), yet we see no need to tie our identities to that contested strip of land.
There are actually a very small number of vocal Jews who bring forward this proposition. Most often the idea that anti-israel = anti-semitism, is a fabrication of a politically charged group of right-wing fundamentalist christians over hear in the U.S.
The most famous anti-semite, Adolf Hitler himself, was a great supporter of the zionists idea, there would have been nothing better to him than to see all of us run away into the desert as far away from Europe as possible.

Sun Dec 10, 07:24:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, anonymous: thank you for your kind words and very interesting post. I guess i am one of what you would call "politically charged group of right-wing fundamentalist christians over hear in the U.S.!" I actually do believe the Scriptures that the God of Israel has actually tied His Name to that most-controversial piece of real estate on the globe. Put it this way: WHY is a piece of land smaller than the State of New Jersey the most fought-over in the world? It makes no sense -- unless this is truly God's Land... and well.... I will stop here lest I bore you. Again, thank you for your post. Come back anytime. -- gunjam

Sun Dec 10, 08:02:00 PM PST  

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