Friday, August 11, 2006

Ilana Gives a Good History Lesson (in an Age of Gross Historical Ignorance)

Ilana Gives a Good History Lesson (in an Age of Gross Historical Ignorance)

I am a fan of smart bloggers.  I am a fan of pro-American bloggers.  I am a fan of female bloggers divinely endowed with a generous portion of pulchritude.  When a blogger has all three of those qualities…, you end up with an Ann Coulter, a Michelle Malkin, or… the somewhat less-trumpeted (but my personal favorite):  Ilana Mercer.

Mercer – by virtue of her non-US public-school education, her cosmopolitan experiences (not sure just on HOW many continents she has lived for a time), and her Jewishness (I believe she is the daughter of a rabbi, no less) brings to the table a depth of background and a richness of thought that is not easily equaled.

In her latest piece for WND, Mercer gives us a history lesson.  (Or, should I say she “schools us” on the philosophical affinity between America’s founders and the Old Testament writers.)

Not many know that the Constitution was drafted by men who intentionally based the three branches of our fledgeling Government on Old Testament concepts.  Indeed, since Israel’s Twelve Tribes formed their original desert compact with Y—w— in the desert, the United States is the ONLY OTHER commonwealth republic in the history of mankind (I hate that other word: “humankind.”)

One thing Ilana may or may not realize:  The founders were by and large Christians of the Reformed school of theology.  From that school of theology have sprung many of the “replacement theologians” of our day.  The thing that made it easier for them to feel affinity for Israel’s prophets was, perhaps, that the modern State of Israel had not yet been established.

Today’s primary source of US affinity for Israel springs from the “Dispensational” school of theology, to include most Evangelicals and Charismatics.  

Thus, we can see that, Israel has been a ideal to be imitated throughout US history – philosophically and morally in the early days of our Republic and eschatologically and politically in the current day.  

Moral?  No matter how many altered photos and staged photo ops purporting to show the Arabs as victims and the Israelis as aggressors, there are millions of Americans who KNOW better, because, well, they know their Bibles.


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Hey, gunjam: I just wrote a critique of the three monotheistic religions on my blog.

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elizabeth: What is the link? Sorry: did not find it.///gunjam

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