Sunday, December 10, 2006

No De Facto Shari’a Law!

No De Facto Shari’a Law!

Yesterday on littlegreenfootballs, there was a discussion thread about how the Michigan Public Transit (MPT) rescinded a rule that no one may board a bus in Michigan with his face covered.  The reason for the rule was to permit the on-board cameras on each bus to capture the face of each passenger for safety purposes.

The reason for this curious reversal?  A Muslim woman who was denied entry on a bus in Grand Rapids because she had her face entirely covered complained to MPT that their rule was restricting her religious beliefs.

So, there you have it.  A rule instituted to promote public safety has been revised to accommodate Muslim religious beliefs as practiced in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan – both countries that operate under “Shari’a Law,” which is Muslim religious law.  

Certain religious Muslims make no bones about wanting to get American under Shari’a Law.  Of course, knowing that the majority of us will never consent to such an unconstitutional outrage, they seem to have adopted a piecemeal approach of intimidating various officials at various times into backing down on their normal rules, policies, or restrictions to accommodate Muslim Shari’a practices.  The Grand Rapids bus incident mentioned above is a perfect example of this.

What the Islamic radicals are attempting is to bring about “de facto Shari’a Law.”  If you are not familiar with the term “de facto,” it basically means “in fact” (as opposed to “by law”).  For instance, during the 1960s, even after Civil Rights legislation had been passed, certain individuals and/or institutions persisted in discriminating against blacks.  When this happened, the media would decry the “de facto segregation” being practiced despite the new laws prohibiting same.

Now, instead of an OLD practice (institutional discrimination against blacks) on the way out, we are faced with an invidious NEW practice being insinuated into our legal fabric by radical Islamists: Namely, de facto Shari’a Law.

If enough institutions across this land – be they bus lines, airlines, schools, etc – can be intimidated into altering their rules specifically for Muslim Shari’a practices (while NOT doing the same for practitioners of other beliefs), we will eventually be faced with  the daily reality of widespread, patchwork “de facto Shari’a Law” – whether in the form of dress-code exceptions, special prayer rooms, special halal dietary exceptions, etc.

From that point, it will be a fairly simple matter to transition to “de jure Shari’a Law,” meaning that Shari’a Law will have become the law of the land (of this country founded by Christians and once governed accordingly).

So, please… Add this term to your working vocabulary:  “de facto Shari’a Law” – as in …..


Be sure to use this phrase vociferously when interacting with school administrators, university officials, transportation bureaucrats, elected officials, etc.


Anonymous KKr said...

We need to take back our space - not yield it.

You know? If I noticed a 'prayer room' at the airport, I just might go in and say a few prayers. *grin* If enough of us do that - the 'flying imans' might find that a 'shared' space might not be THEIR space after all.

Likewise, I could see a wonderful protest if lots and lots of people chose to ride the bus with... I don't know... paper bags over their heads? 'Cause if it's legal for them....???

Sun Dec 10, 09:08:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, kkr! thank you for the post.. I like the way your mind works.... not only not to surrender, but to recover lost ground! -- gunjam

Sun Dec 10, 09:35:00 PM PST  
Blogger antivenin said...

And this is how it works in Spain: "Spanish school cancels Christmas". Such good dhimmi's!

Mon Dec 11, 03:00:00 AM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, antivenin! thanks for the post! good stuff! Yes. It seems that Spain is one of the worst places: They threw out a conservative Government to appease the Islamofascists.

Mon Dec 11, 05:25:00 PM PST  

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