Monday, December 11, 2006

Double-Dealing by the Pakistanis

Double-Dealing by the Pakistanis

The word is out now.  Pakistan’s President Pervaz Musharraf, once hailed by President Bush as an ally in the War on Terror, has double-crossed the Americans.

In effect, Pakistan IS the Taliban’s logistical and support base.  How long President Bush can ignore this reality is a serious question.

For the sake of discussion, I marvel at how our current President pooh-poohs the significance of the US border with Mexico (as pertains to controlling hordes of invading illegal aliens), but then turns around and treats the borders of Syria, Iran, and Pakistan with almost religious reverence – even though each of these countries is known to be supporting terrorists fighting and killing our troops.

Typical defeatist, victory-allergic, inside-the-Beltway, elitist American policy-think.

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