Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Washington Times’ Vile Pro-Hezbollah Puff Piece by Islamofascist Sympathizer Pisik

Washington Times’ Vile Pro-Hezbollah Puff Piece by Islamofascist Sympathizer Pisik

I used to respect the Washington Times.  After all, its editors like to represent themselves as a media “alternative” to the onward-ever-leftward Washington Post.  Indeed, the Washington Times does tend to be pro-military and supportive of the War in Iraq.

Note: I did NOT say that the Times tend to be supportive of the global struggle against Islamofascism.

In fact, today’s Times features a (nauseating) piece by a patently shameless Islamofascist apologist (heretofore unknown to me and henceforth distrusted by me) by the name of Betsy Pisik.  In the piece – which seriously blurs any putative distinction between the Times and the WaPo vis-à-vis taking an anti-Israel/pro-jihadist editorial slant – Ms. Pisik shamelessly portrays the Hezbollah as a bunch of humanitarian, progressive, populist Lebanese good-ole’-boys.  Talk about brash!

Absent from Pisik’s agitprop screed is any mention that Hezbollah is – in effect – an operational unit in the Iranian Army.  Absent from this piece is any hint that many in Lebanon hate and fear the ruthless Hezbollah militia.  Absent, as well, from this piece is any mention that official Hezbollah statements not only overflow with venomous hatred for the United States, but that Hezbollah has in recent weeks hinted that it is prepared to make terror strikes against US interests around the world.  Pisik even makes a case for Hezbollah being allowed to retain their armed militias – a position that is even more contradicts not only US policy goals, but that is even more accommodating of Islamic terror than even UN (UN!) policy!  

I am calling out Ms. Pisik on this loathsome  piece – which she makes clear was written after she was deemed to meet the approval of Hezbollah armed fighters.  Remember this  name:  Betsy Piskik – Hezbollah apologist and propagandist.  

Not to put all the blame on Ms. Pisik, I am calling out the Times, also.  It is well-known – although seldom discussed – that the Times is owned by an entity connected with Korean Religious Cultist Sung Myung Moon.  As I understand it, the editors of the Times have generally claimed that they are given a free hand.

Today’s Pisik piece calls that claim into serious question in my mind.  Why do I say that?  Because Moon’s holdings also include media outlets in a number of MUSLIM countries.  My point?  Moon has a vested interest in shilling for a pro-Muslim (meaning, it would seem, a jihadist-appeasing) world view.

Thus, while one might say that the WaPo is a Moonbat (meaning Leftist) publication, I would suggest that the Times can be deemed to be well within the orbit of a Moon of a different sort.

As I said:  I used to respect the Washington Times.


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