Saturday, September 02, 2006

America’s Leadership Is Victory-Phobic Military Brass Obsessed with Prosecuting Their Troops

America’s Leadership Is Victory-Phobic Military Brass Obsessed with Prosecuting Their Troops

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that most of America’s elite leadership have become prisoners of the Politically-Correct ‘ethic’ that they follow on a daily basis:  They have, in effect, become “victory-phobic” with regard to the wars on terrorists in general and to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in particular.

I am not sure where people’s heads are.  There is a lot of deliberate distortion of truth by the MSM regarding the American people’s view of the war in Iraq and President Bush’s leadership(sic) regarding the War on Terror(sic).

However, one man with a respectable radio audience DOES get it:  That man is Michael Savage.  He is the only one that I know of on the air who openly supports crushing the Islamo-Fascists with brute military force, while at the same time roundly criticizing President Bush for his tepid leadership and mealy-mouthed pronouncements regarding the same.

Among major radio and television voices, Savage alone “savages” the President and his bean-counting, Robert-McNamaraesque, SECDEF for their inept and uninspiring conduct of the war, while at the same time cheering our fighting men onto victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Savage alone realizes that, perhaps, MOST of the citizenry’s “disapproval” registered in the alleged MSM-sponsored “opinion polls” regarding the war in Iraq is sourced in a PROFOUND disgust for the LACK of purpose, vision, and laser-like focus on KILLING the enemy – along with an effeminate reluctance to use lethal force in a concentrated manner to just that, as well as hand-cuffing our troops with absurdly restrictive rules of engagement.  

Nothing, however, more harshly alienates the terror-war-supporting public (to say nothing of demoralizing our fighting men) than does the absurd and malevolent obsession for over-zealously prosecuting our fighting men as evidenced by our top military brass – and by extensions – the SECDEF and the President himself.

People who have a clue understand that in Iraq, for the most part, our boys are up against a wily foe who wears no uniforms, uses women and children as human shields, and who specializes in cowardly attacks.

Most people (other than devotees of Howard Dean and Al Gore) also intuitively understand that such matters are made worse by what Michael Savage aptly terms “the enemy within,” to wit the ACLU, the large liberal religious denominations, the academics, and the MSM and their embedded reporters.

Thus, most Americans grasp the fact that sometimes civilians will be killed in the military actions in which our troops find themselves.  Unfortunately, the military brass – and the particularly decadent military judge advocate corps – do NOT understand this.  

Moreover, the military brass seem obsessed with somehow garnering the goodwill of our inept Iraqi allies as well as of their stateside enemies in Congress and the MSM and so forth by conducting egregiously one-sided investigations and prosecutions of US fighting men who – finding themselves in tight spots – do what they are trained to do: KILL PEOPLE!

This trend – first begun when Dumbsfeld and crew threw the Abu Ghraib and other putative ‘detainee-abusers’ overboard to appease the implacable MSM – has now metastasized to wholesale booking of fighting men on MURDER charges for lethal actions taken in combat situations.  Most of us know the names – Haditha, Hamnadiya, and now another place – an island in Salahuddin Province.

The American people are fundamentally fair-minded and these prosecutions strike them as some sort of politically-correct Soviet-style “purge,” which is, in fact, exactly what they are.

The military brass – instead of eating their young – would be well-advised immediately to remove any embedded reporter with anti-military, pro-jihadist tendencies.  Moreover, they need to drop the absurdly serious charges against the Marines of Haditha and Hamnadiya and now the soldiers of Salahuddin Province.

Moreover, the MSBS (my term: Mainstream Blogosphere) and the conservative talk-show-host legions – as characterized by the likes of Hugh Hewitt, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh – should stop tilting at windmills by defending the likes of Dumbsfeld and the President from the scurrilous charges of the Moonbat Left and INSTEAD begin instead relentlessly taking the SECDEF and his generals to task for their self-defeating, ill-advised, and immoral overzealous prosecution of their own troops.


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