Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dhimmi Dutch Treachery Against Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Dhimmi Dutch Treachery Against Ayaan Hirsi Ali

For those who have never heard of her, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of the bravest women on the planet.

A native of Somalia, she was ritually “circumcised” as a young girl.  After being forced to marry against her will, she fled to Holland, where she gained entry under (what she now freely admits were) false pretenses.

After moving to Holland, Ms. Ali, departed from her childhood faith of Islam, became a Dutch citizen, became a member of the Dutch national Parliament, made a name for herself in the world of film, started her own Web site, wrote and spoke boldly of the oppression that Islam inflicts on its women.

Now, some four years after openly admitting she lied to get in to Holland, the Dutch Immigration Minister, Rita Verdonk, has summarily announced that Ali will be stripped of her citizenship.

Having just last week arranged employment in the United States with the American Enterprise Institute, Ali may be in serious visa trouble – a veritable “woman without a country.”

When our Government bends over backwards to allow rapists and drug dealers to enter, depart, and re-enter our country at will, siring “citizens,” using hospital emergency rooms, sending children to public schools, and receiving Federally-guaranteed home loans all the while, one would think that our Government might find some way to grant asylum to a woman who cannot simply “slip back home across the border” at will – a woman, in fact, whose very life is in direst danger should she be denied admittance to the United States.


No Web site of which I am aware has had better, fuller, and more consistent coverage of this remarkable woman than littlegreenfootballs.


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