Tuesday, May 16, 2006

President Bush Makes It Clear on Live Television: Vicente Fox Is His “Daddy”

President Bush Makes It Clear on Live Television: Vicente Fox Is His “Daddy”

President Bush made one thing clear last evening during his extremely facile attempt to appear evenhanded on the illegal immigration issue – who the REAL Presidential Vato of Amexia is.  (His initials are V.F.)

During his (yawn) speech, President Bush pledged to place a ludicrously paltry number of unarmed, non-Federal troops on the border – but only after promising his “Daddy,” Vicente Fox that it was “only temporary.”

The conversation possibly went something like this:

Fox:  Jorge?  What is this I hear about your planning to put troops on Sovereign Mexican territory stolen from us by racist Gringos?

GWB:  Well, Vicente, I ….

Fox:  Damn it, Jorge!  How many times do I have to tell you to call me “Daddy!”  Do you want me to give you another whipping?

GWB:  Sorry, Daddy!  But, I ….

Fox:  Look, Jorge!  You will NOT use your troops to arrest my people while they are lawfully reclaiming Aztlan, do you hear me?

GWB:  Yes, Vic.., er, Daddy!  I thought we might could use our soldiers to defend our Mexican “guest workers” from those mean Minutemen vigilantes?*

Fox:  That’s my boy!  Now you are thinking!  Okay!  Now go on TV and pretend like you plan to stop our invading illegal army!  Just remember:  I’ll be watching!

GWB:  Yes, Daddy!  And thanks!

*Full credit for this idea of GWB’s using the troops to defend the illegals from the Minutemen goes to Michael Savage, who suggested this during his trenchant, blistering post-speech critique.


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