Monday, May 08, 2006

Bush, Dumbsfeld, and Top Brass Obsequiously Seeking to Please Geneva and the UN – at Our Soldiers’ Expense!

Bush, Dumbsfeld, and Top Brass Obsequiously Seeking to Please Geneva and the UN – at Our Soldiers’ Expense!

Apart from Michael Savage, I know of no one who – more than I – has so emphasized the ludicrous, wrongheaded priorities of the Bush Administration, the Dumbsfeld Pentagon, and the top military brass in Iraq (and Afghanistan) vis-à-vis seeking to court martial our soldiers for all manner of “detainee abuse,” whether real or imagined, as opposed to turning our troops loose to kill the enemy.

Now we read that the Pentagon has launched some 130 courts martial, with another 170 investigations currently underway, regarding alleged cases of “detainee abuse” by our military. (Hat tip: Drudge.)

Keep in mind that the courts martial are only a PART of the picture, as this figure undoubtedly does NOT include incidents resulting in non-judicial punishment (e.g., Articles 15, Letter of Reprimand, etc) – i.e., SHORT of an actual court martial.

Several objections:  
  • I do NOT think for a moment that our troops are THAT bad

  • I do NOT think that we are adequately hard on captured terrorists

  • I do NOT think that Bush and Dumbsfeld’s motives for these prosecutions arise soley from some fanatical desire for Boy Scout-like conduct by our troops, but rather – in large part – constitute a shameful, obsequious nod to the United Nations, the Eurabians, the Muslim leaders, the Moonbat, homegrown Leftists in this country – in short all who hate America, AND

  • I do not think t his overzealousness for pursuing this many military prosecutions is either good for military morale or conducive to mission accomplishment.

Finally, I think this is Exhibit “A” of why Dumbsfeld needs to resign – and RESIGN NOW!

If our troops are that bad, then he ought to do as Japanese leaders do, and resign in shame – instead of posturing as the epitome of righteousness.

Sorry.  I don’t buy this and I am fed up with the Bushbots’ blindness to this DANGEROUS Achilles’ Hill in our military establishment.

It is not right to send men into combat against an enemy who knows NO RULES and hold them to some absurdly refined Marquis de Queensbury Rules of Engagement.

If we wish to win this worldwide – and barely begun – struggle against the Islamofascists, we must – again, per Michael Savage – learn to DEMONIZE the enemy and to deal with him as harshly as we dealt with the Japanese and German enemy in World War II.

Mr. President, it is PAST TIME for SECDEF Rumsfeld to step down.  There are many able men out there capable of stepping in for him.  


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