Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rick Moran Has Two Hard-Hitting Posts on the Illegal Immigration Controversy

Rick Moran Has Two Hard Hitting Posts on the Illegal Immigration Controversy

Rick Moran, of the Right Wing Nut House blog, has two superb posts touching on the illegal immigration controversy that I would like to commend.

In the earlier of the two pieces, Looking for Hate in All the Wrong Places, Moran – using his analysis of an article by the left-leaning David Neiwert as his vehicle – brilliantly exposes how the Left, while imagining that those who oppose illegal immigration are driven primarily by white racism, are strangely blind to the blatant racism found among many in the open borders movement.  (Exhibit ‘A,’ the ludicrously named “La Raza,” meaning, “The Race.”)

In the second – more recent – post I wish to commend to your attention, The Intellectual Dishonesty of the Open Borders Crowd (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin), Moran does a superb deconstruction of the poorly-reasoned, dishonest arguments used by the “open borders crowd” (e.g,. President Bush, Senator McCain, Senator Kennedy, the NYT, et al.) to attack those of us who believe in securing the borders and controlling immigration such that illegal immigration is halted, but LEGAL immigration is maintained, or even enhanced.

For purposes of clarification, I believe I am a bit to the right of Moran on two important matters:  In the latter piece, Moran seems squeamish on the idea of rounding up and deporting illegals as somehow inhumane.  (Huh?  If this is true, all arrests are liable to the charge of being “inhumane.”  Shall we stop arresting people in this country altogether – regardless of their culpability of WHATEVER crime?)  

Second, Moran does NOT advocate the closing of our borders to ALL immigration even for a short period.

While, under conditions where the law is clearly being enforced, I am all in favor of LEGAL immigration, I agree with those (such as Pat Buchanan, I believe) who have suggested that – until the current illegal immigration crisis is brought under control – we need to shut down our country to almost ALL legal immigration for a limited period, say three to five  years.

Nonetheless, I commend these two pieces by Moran to you.  They are worthy of your time and consideration.


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