Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lou Dobbs and (Republican) Arizona State Legislators Get It – Condi Clearly Does Not (on Illegal Immigration)

Lou Dobbs and (Republican) Arizona State Legislators Get It – Condi Clearly Does Not (on Illegal Immigration)

Virtually alone in the MSM (certainly more than anyone on the ever more “lap-doggish” Fox News, whom Michael Savage rightly despises), CNN’s Lou Dobbs understands that yesterday’s swarms by Leftist-led, America-hating, LAWBREAKERS is not the main event in a discussion of “immigration.”  

Rather, these raucous, unashamed invaders are Exhibit ‘A’ in the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION debate.

These are two SEPARATE issues – LEGAL IMMIGRATION and ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.  Those in what Michael Savage on his radio show yesterday termed “America’s ruling class” – to include President Bush, most US Senators (certainly McCain, Kennedy, Leahy, and the ever-spineless Frist), large business owners, the MSM, and the overwhelming majority of academia – are DELIBERATELY BLURRING the distinction between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration.

No one is receiving a greater slap in the face from the President et al in this ongoing battle of America’s soul than those who have already become – or who are currently in the process of becoming – naturalized Americans LEGALLY.

Moreover, Republican Arizona STATE legislators ALSO get it, and they are preparing a serious piece of state legislation – which, of course, appeaser and Democratic Governor Janet Napolitano is already threatening to veto – that will require AZ National Guard troops on the border and fines for those employing illegal aliens.

Perhaps most disappointing of all is SECSTATE Condi Rice’s insistence that she sees nothing wrong with the recent assault on the American way of life posed by the very arrogant, sloppy, and Leftist-inspired “Spanish National Anthem.”

By making such a statement, Ms. Rice demonstrates not only that she lacks true Presidential timber.  Ms. Rice also demonsrates that she lacks the spine to deal with cutthroats like Iran’s Almondhead.

Indeed, Ms Rice has shown us that she is now fully a creature of the anti-American “Foggy Bottom” subculture prevalent among the career Foreign Service Officers who populate the snake-pit that is known as the Department of State.

In truth, Rice disgusts me – although not as much as President Bus does – on this matter of illegal immigration.


Blogger TexasFred said...

I'm starting to think Condi was in the Kool-Aide pitcher...

Tue May 02, 08:38:00 PM PDT  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, texasfred! Great comment! I have no better explanation for her "curious" behavior of late! Regards! gunjam

Tue May 02, 10:29:00 PM PDT  

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