Monday, May 01, 2006

Bush Administration's Strange Priorities

Bush Administration’s Strange Priorities

Over the past six years, President Bush’s SECDEF, Ronald Dumbsfeld, has RESOLUTELY REFUSED to substantially increase the size of overtaxed Army and Marine ground forces – despite repeated calls to do so by Congress.  This puts unnecessary constraints on our fighting men.

ON THE OTHER HAND, President Bush has recently come out IN FAVOR OF permitting the unknown millions of illegal aliens in this country TO STAY.  This is known as amnesty, and as Michelle Malkin points out, such a policy not only rewards lawbreakers, but it also undermines respect for law and order – to say nothing of putting additional strain on our law-enforcement, health care, and educational resources.

Strange priorities indeed:  Handcuff our military by artificially restricting its size; and straining our nation’s social services and cultural fabric by artificially (and radically) increasing the size of our population with unassimilated lawbreakers.

Mr. President, if I may, I would like to suggest that your priorities are out of kilter.


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