Sunday, February 05, 2006

Buy Danish!

Buy Danish!

While rabid Muslim lemmings worldwide are frothing at the mouth about boycotting Danish goods, the rest of us can help take up some of the slack by making an extra effort to “Buy Danish.”

In fact, there is a Web site dedicated to making it easier for us to do just that.  (Hat tip: lgf.)

Tuborg (clever Web site: it has tunes playing) and Carlsberg sound interesting!  My wife would not like me buying cigarettes, however, so I had better abtstain from that commodity.

So, let’s show we have a heart for our friends who are currently experiencing an irrational, hate-driven economic siege and let’s:

Buy Danish!

Update: Link to Arla Foods USA.  (Hat tip: lgf poster Bourgeois Reactionary.)


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btw I have an additional blog at

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