Saturday, January 28, 2006

Which Is More Important: Mission Accomplishment – Or the Feelings of a (Female) JAG Officer? (Why, the Latter, of Course!)

Which Is More Important:  Mission Accomplishment – Or the Feelings of a (Female) JAG Officer? (Why, the Latter, of Course!)

Here is another one of those stories that makes you want to throw up your hands and scream!  

Sgt. Arthur J. Hushen of the 4th Infantry Division, a US Army sniper in Iraq, was incorrectly advised by a (female) Army JAG officer that the ammo he was using in the course of his sniper duties was illegal.

Sgt Hushen, who knows his sniper job better than any JAG, knew that the JAG was incorrect in her assessment.

What is worse, Sgt Hushen did the unthinkable!  He actually went online and found the documentation to prove the correctness of his position regarding the allegedly “illegal” ammunition.

Of course, that sort of sticking up for mission-effectiveness is not appreciated by much of the leadership in today’s feminized, politically-correct military.

The result?  Sgt Hushen has been relieved of both his sniper and team leader duties in his platoon and forced to move to a new tent for “outcasts.”

How can we EVER win ANYTHING in ANY conflict, with military leadership of this petty, clueless caliber?

I am calling for an immediate investigation into the disproportionate authority given to the JAG corps in all branches of the military.

These JAG officers, a number of whom are Reservists taking breaks from their jobs with some no-doubt very-liberal law firms, are often the products of very liberal and anti-military law schools, and they are being permitted to infect the military leadership with their toxic ACLU-style biases.

Too many good soldiers are being charged with “detainee abuse,” and other frivolous charges that not only ruin perfectly good military careers, but that also hinder mission accomplishment.

Once again: I am forced to call for the resignation of the clueless one in charge of DoD, Secretary Dumbsfeld.

He is the one under whose watch this nonsense has not only been permitted to exist, but to flourish unchecked.

In the meantime, I say: Restore Sgt Hushen to his sniper and team leader duties!

Time for a new “corporate culture” in the military.  How about a very masculine “warrior culture?”  A radical thought, in this day and age.

Thanks to NIF.


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