Saturday, February 18, 2006

Adventures in Co-Education

Adventures in Co-Education

Well, we read that some schools are experimenting with “same sex” classrooms, meaning putting boys with boys and girls with girls. (Hat tip: WND.)

Guess what?  They are finding good results from splitting up the boys and the girls!

Meanwhile, at our nation’s (once-) storied military academies, the idiocy of mixing men and women in close quarters, under great stress, for extended periods of time, continues to result in . . .  rape, sexual abuse, etc.

The latest case to hit the headlines comes out of the US Coast Guard Academy, where one cadet, Webster Smith of Texas, is accused on several counts, including rape.

Hmmmm. Wonder how many cases of rape and sexual harassment the military academies experienced prior to the admission of women into the student bodies?  

Do you think that the geniuses in Washington (whether in Congress, the White House, or the Pentagon) will ever conclude the obvious:  That mixing men and women into the strict military training environment of our nation’s military academies has been a disastrous mistake since Day One?

I am not holding my breath – after all, these are the same geniuses who cancelled the Crusader artillery piece, continue to close bases in time of war, and are attempting to ban prayers “in Jesus’ Name” by military chaplains.

For some reason, the movie title Dumb and Dumber comes to mind.


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