Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sexually-Oriented Businesses (SOBs) Harmless? Hardly, Reisman Shows

Sexually-Oriented Businesses (SOBs) Harmless?  Hardly, Reisman Shows

This blog has recently posted a piece highlighting the efforts of Actor Stephen Baldwin to shut down a pornography outlet located near his Nyack, New York, home.

In a topically-related WND piece, researcher Judith Reisman shows how sexually-oriented businesses (SOBs) are far from harmless – contributing both to sex-based crime, as well as to political corruption in many cases.

While Reisman’s piece cites a number of facts and statistics, here is just ONE sentence in that piece that grabbed my attention:

Sex trafficking is ranked as the most profitable industry after gun running and drugs, aiding and abetting the swelling rates of new and old STDs as well as the 993 percent increase in reported violent crime, 70 percent increase in murder and 416 percent increase in forcible rape (excluding children under 12) from 1976 to 1999.

This kind of data should give all Americans pause.  Perhaps we need to review and confirm in our minds the difference in content between these two terms – liberty and licentiousness.

As talk-show host Michael Savage points out – as much as he opposes Islamofascism, and as much as he advocates destroying the Islamofascists – he does recognize that the Islamofascists DO have a point when they criticize America and the West for its vast outpouring of moral sewage (via pornography and lose morals) into the rest of the world (including the Muslim world).

Perhaps what this means is that, while we, of course, need to continue fighting the Islamofascist threat, we ALSO need to tend to some house-cleaning at home, as well.


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