Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sending a Woman to Do a Man’s Job – Again!

Sending a Woman to Do a Man’s Job – Again!

Well, it seems to be a foregone conclusion that President Bush will continue the gelding of the American body politic by picking someone with no balls (i.e., a woman) to be the next Supreme Court justice.  (Hat tip: Drudge.)

But that is not the only place where Bush has recently seen fit to send a woman to do a man’s job.

You see, his longtime advisor (from his days as TexGov), Karen Hughes, has recently been sworn in as some sort of State Department “assistant secretary for warm fuzzies in Muslim lands” position.  Of course, it is obvious to ALL that she was chosen for the job because of her “abilities” – not because of her connections to those in power.  (Sure.)

Well, our President has dispatched his new Madame “Under-Assistant-to-the-Assistant Secretary of State” Hughes to the Middle East with the mission of reaching out to women in that region to (get this) understand and like us more.

Ms. Hughes has been sent to talk to the womenfolk in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey this week.

Well, so far, at least two of Ms. Hughes’ stops have not gone so well.

In Saudi Arabia, the women told her that they like wearing robes and not being allowed to drive or vote JUST FINE, thank you!  (Hat tip: lgf.)

And, in Turkey, she got lambasted by women upset about the war in Iraq.  (Hat tip: Drudge Report.)

Now, whoever dreamed up this trip must be on drugs.  First, we all know that women in the Middle East have limited freedom.  Does anyone think that the Governments (or husbands or fathers) of the ladies of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are going to permit them to go out there and embarrass them?  

Furthermore, after being raised on no education, the Koran, and al-Jazeera, how much independent thought does one expect to find regarding the Iraq War among MOST inhabitants of these countries – male or female?

This trip was planned by the same “brilliant” people in the Bush Admin/State Department who handcuff our troops in Iraq with ridiculous restrictions and who insist that Israel keep giving up more land to the Palestinian terrorists.

In short, Karen Hughes’ trip was based on wishful thinking and a failure to come to grips with the depths of the hatred for the United States, for Christianity, and for freedom that is stored up in the reservoirs of Muslim hearts around the world.  Charming talk by an Austin politico-housewife is not the answer:  The willingness to use force when necessary is the answer.

We don’t want them to “like us” dammit – we want them to FEAR us.

Again, as I almost always do, I must quote Michael Savage, who questions our American leaders’ WILLINGNESS to USE LETHAL FORCE when necessary.


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