Thursday, September 29, 2005

ACLU: AntiChristian Litigation Union

ACLU: AntiChristian Litigation Union

Jay at Stop the ACLU has a great post entitled, The ACLU Is Americas #1 Religious Censor, cataloguing some of the latest skirmishes in the ongoing long-term legal jihad that the odious souls at the ACLU are relentlessly waging on the public Judaeo-Christian ethos long held dear by most Americans.

Among other things, the ACLU seems to go particularly rabid regarding four “Cs” – Christmas, Crosses, Christ (when invoked in public prayer) and Commandments (as in the Ten C______).  They also hate the “B” word.  (You know: the Bible – as in public displays thereof.)

Funny!  Have you ever noticed that the ACLU NEVER litigates against public expressions of Buddhism, Islam, or Hinduism – but let someone dare publicly acknowledge their faith in Christ outside the four walls of a church and just WATCH how fast the ACLU finds a reason to litigate.

Jay’s site is relentlessly exposing what the ACLU is up to – and it isn’t pretty.

Michael Savage views the ACLU as perhaps the SINGLE most dangerous domestic enemy faced by America today.  On his radio talk show, he advocates regularly for Federal prosecution of the ACLU using RICO statutes with a goal to imprisoning its key leaders for sedition and/or treason.


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