Wednesday, April 26, 2006

GOP in Congress Vote to Muzzle Free Speech

GOP in Congress Vote to Muzzle Free Speech

This story is a week or two old and, apparently, received very little press.  However, that dinosaur conservative, George Will, rightly skewers the Congressional GOP for making sure – NOT that the restrictive nature of the odious McCain-Feingold “ Campaign Finance Reform”(sic) Law be rolled back, but rather – that free speech in connection with elections be FURTHER restricted.

The majority of the GOP in Congress are worthless.  I say this as a registered Republican.  I say this knowing that the Democrats in Congress are even worse.  However, the Republicans, rather than showing a better way than their Democratic Congressional rivals, have merely sunk to their low-life moral level.

America is at sea.  Her leaders are without moral compass or moorings.  It will only get worse.

In comparison to most members of Congress, radio moral wretch Howard Stern comes out on top.  At least he is an honest, admitted, panderer to man’s baser nature.  The poseurs in Congress, on the other hand, position themselves as “concerned” for people.



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