Saturday, March 25, 2006

Thanks for (Doing) Nothing for the past Five Years about Illegal Immigration, Mr. President!

Thanks for (Doing) Nothing for the past Five Years about Illegal Immigration, Mr. President!

Well, well, well!  The proverbial chickens have come to rest – to rest on the entire country; to rest on the race-baiting Demagogue-ic Party; to rest on the greedy middle-class-undermining RINOpublican Party; -- and MOST OF ALL – to rest on President Bush.

President Bush, as you may recall is SWORN to UPHOLD the CONSTITUTION of the United States.  Foremost among his duties as President is to DEFEND OUR BORDERS!

However, the arrogant Mr. Bush, advised by the arrogant Mr. Rove, has chosen to be DERELICT in his duties with respect to the borders for the past five years.

It is widely known that existing immigration laws are scoffed at by both Mexican and US officials alike.

Illegal aliens have been POURING into this country.

President Bush DELIBERATELY turned a BLIND EYE to this illegal flood, because it suited his GREEDY, RAPACIOUS BIG-BUSINESS DONORS, who prefer to hire illegals at cut-rate wages, thereby making an end-run around legal American citizens who will not – and cannot – work for such low wages.

Well, now we see where it has led us.  The HUGE demonstrations that started about a week ago in Chicago, and which have continued over the past few days in such places as Georgia, Arizona, and California, show clearly that we have been INVADED!  

The protestors don’t show the American flag – they PROUDLY, INSOLENTLY, and ARROGANTLY fly the MEXICAN flag.

I consider this an attack.

Now, Mr. President, you suddently are calling for “existing laws to be enforced” after angling for years for a way to work out amnesty for all the invaders.

Mr. President, you have certainly lost all my support over this issue – and I voted for you.

It may be too late to save this country.  You didn’t start this problem – it existed under your predecessor (and “brother,” your term), President Bill Clinton.  However, you continued to ignore this problem despite continued cries from your base.

Instead, you gave me and the rest of your supporters the back of your hand, the middle-finger salute – yea, you figuratively pulled down your pants and mooned us over this issue.

I see no other solution than for you to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY, Mr. President.  

You see, this is a problem of YOUR OWN making.  Let Mr. Cheney take over.  Something tells me he would have the cojones to begin mass deportation measures immediately – and ALSO to prosecute the war in Iraq WITHOUT handcuffing our troops with the absurd Marquis de Queensbury Rules of Engagement with which SECDEF Dummy has hand-cuffed our troops on the ground over there.

As far as I am concerned, when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration, Mr. President, you are NOT to be trusted.

Update: Michelle Malkin is, surprisingly, thus far silent on the last two days’ demonstrations.  I eagerly await her commentary.  Michelle, where are you?  (Probably on a much-deserved day or two off with her family.)

Update: TexasFred has more on this issue:


Blogger TexasFred said...

I have LONG been an Independent, but I voted for him TWICE...

How do you think I feel??

The republican party is going down but what the hell is taking it's place?? A Dem party that's no better, in ANY way..

We are screwed...

Sat Mar 25, 12:48:00 PM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

texasfred -- you should feel like anybody feels who has had two knives inserted in their backs by people with smiles on their faces and promises of help on their lips -- not very good. -- gunjam

Sat Mar 25, 01:22:00 PM PST  

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