Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spineless University of Illinois Dhimmis Fire Gutsy Student Editor

Spineless University of Illinois Dhimmis Fire Gutsy Student Editor

Well, as most everyone knows, during the (now, somewhat subdued) Muhammad Funnies Brouhaha, most American MSM outlets were too craven to publish the actual cartoon images.  Of course, they claimed not to be publishing them out of “seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnsitity” for Muslims’ feeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings.

We all know, however, that the real reason they never published them was the “F” word.  (Nooo….  Not THAT word, Silly!  The OTHER “F” word: F-E-A-R.)

Similarly, generally imitating their MSM big sisters, most American university publications followed suit and also refused to publish the offending cartoons – again out of fear disguised as “seeeeeeeeeeeennnnnsitivity” for Muslims’ “beliefs.”

As always, there were a few noble exceptions the “rule of lemmings.”  One such noble exception was Acton H. Gorton, of The Daily Illini.

Well, the Dhimmis who sit on the Supreme Soviet (actually the Illini Media Company board of directos) did NOT take this deviation from leftist campus doctrinaire ways sitting down.  (Hat tip: wnd.)

NO!  They FIRED the brave Mr. Gorton.

In braver days, such Dhimmis as those who fired Mr. Gorton would likely be run out of town on a rail.  (But, alas!  Today, they run the show!)

JammedGun salutes the rare courage of the young Mr. Gorton!


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