Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An (Oil-Rich, Power-Mad) Whack Job Named Chavez

An (Oil-Rich, Power-Mad) Whack Job Named Chavez

We have all heard much about the Castro-loving, GWBush-bashing, headline-grabbing “leader” of Venezuela – Hugo Chavez.

However, as our MSM outlets are wont to do, they have glossed over many of the details about this very interesting – and, yes, potentially very dangerous – Western leader.

Here is an excellent read on Chavez, a man who has an excellent flair for public relations – but an all-too-low regard for such basic concepts as property rights and democratic rule.

He has, by the way, apparently all-but-established himself as the life-long leader of Venezuela.

How come our MSM “reporters” haven’t told us about this naked power grab?

Easy:  Any friend of Fidel Castro’s is apparently a friend of theirs.


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