Tuesday, March 21, 2006

President Bush Why Are You Silent about This Outrage?

President Bush, Why Are You Silent about This Outrage?

Now that we have helped overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan, things are much better, right?  

Well, not for one Afghan man, who – some SIXTEEN YEARS AGO – chose to leave Islam to embrace Christianity.  (Hat tip: lgf.)

Now, he is being tried for this crime – as well as for the additional crime of (scary music, please) OWNING A BIBLE!  (Gasp!)

It is not all that big a deal.  I mean, after all, the worst that could happen to this man is that he could be . . .


Hmmmmm.  President Bush, why have your State Department Dhimmis thus far been SILENT about this outrage?  (For that matter, I don’t hear much of an outcry regarding this matter from very many news outlets.  Is that because Christians are expendable?)

Did Pat Tillman die to make Afganistan safe for this kind of mockery of justice?

lgf provides this contact information for the Embassy of Afghanistan.

Michelle Malkin is ALL OVER this story – even including links to a petition and an email campaign to President Bush on this matter.


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