Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Obviously Army Boot Camp Is Far Too Soft – Gangs in the Military

Obviously Army Boot Camp Is Far Too Soft – Gangs in the Military

Obviously, Army Boot Camp is far too soft.  Otherwise, gang members would not be infiltrating its ranks – and maintaining their gang allegiances.

One of the traditional purposes of military basic training is to forge a new bond between soldiers via very tough training – a new bond that supercedes former loyalties.

Of course, if Army training is too soft, let’s not even BOTHER to talk about basic training in the Air Force or the Coast Guard.  The word that comes to mind there is “day camp.”  (Hint:  Talk to an AF Vet who enlisted in the 1950s or 1960s and you will hear stories of how tough AF basic training USED to be.  By the way:  Tough means sexually segregated by definintion.  The Navy needs help here, as well.  In fact, ONLY the Marines seem to have it even close to being right.)

That gangs could so effectively plant so many members in the military with the wrong loyalties is not only frightening – it also points an accusing finger at our feminized, politically-correct military leaders . . . .

Starting with President Bush and SECDEF Dumbsfeld.

Clearly, neither has a clue.

Sadly, although he could easily fire Dumbsfeld, President Bush has shown no inclination to do so.

This gang problem in the Army is very ominous.


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