Thursday, March 16, 2006

Republicans Deserve

Republicans Deserve to Be Run out of Washington on a Rail – Total Betrayal

As Michael Savage so eloquently said on his show today, the Republicans have proven that they are total phonies with regard to fiscal responsibility.

Savage harkened back to how the Republicans flayed Clinton and Gore and the Democrats for their spending profligacy.

Now the Republicans have proven that they have the same disease.

Washington, DC, is almost totally corrupt.

President Bush has NO fiscal restraint – and the Republican Congress just spinelessly followed his lead of spending us into oblivion.

I am sick of the whole gang.

And I am NOT saying that the Democrats will be better, because (again, as Savage acutely observes) – not only will they spend – but they will also tax us to death.

What’s a patriot to do?

Braver men in braver times would call for a Tea Party.


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