Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pat Robertson Bluntly States the Obvious about the Islamofascists – Watch for “Shocked, SHOCKED” Reactions!

Pat Robertson Bluntly States the Obvious about the Islamofascists – Watch for “Shocked, SHOCKED” Reactions!

In refreshing contrast to the kid-gloved, we-love-the-Arabs-cuz-the-Bush-Family-has-gotten-rich-doing-business-with-them approach of the Bush White House in describing the Islamofascists, Pat Robertson has taken his gloves off and delivered a well-timed, and well-placed blow to the jaw of current “religious proprieties” by calling it as he sees it about Islam and – particularly – Islamofascists.

Prepare now for all sorts of “I’m shocked, SHOCKED!” reactions by the White House, members of the MSM, CAIR, Euroweenie diplomats, diplomats from Jihadist-supporting nations such as Saudi Arabia, caviar-conservative pundits (e.g., Hugh Hewitt), and so on.

In this long litany of spinelessness, none frosts me more than President Bush, who has willingly sent our boys (and girls!) to die fighting against the Islamofascists, while he continues to make nice to them by not calling them what they are: Islamofascists.  As Tony Blankley has written, to President Bush, we are evidently fighting an enemy without a name.  

Now, to be clear, I heartily SUPPORT the war in Iraq (a war in which my son has participated).  

However, the President’s almost-effeminate antipathy for clearly branding our enemy has done three things:  Protected the enemy by making him less clearly-defined to the masses; encouraged the enemy by the President’s egregious failure properly to demonize him; and demoralized the troops by the Marquis de Queensbury rules of engagement (ROE) with which they have been saddled by our ever-accommodating-to-our-President’s-sensitivites Pentagon.

My take:  You go, Pat!

Warning:  Only, from now on, you may be in the crosshairs of the splodeydopes.


Blogger Hip-Hope Sparrow said...

With a little more humour, I think Pat Robertson's radical messages would get a far more emphatic Amein. His high profile statements steamrolling Hugo Chavez and the Islamofascists has certainly triggered a shift in Church etiquette. Besides, I doubt his ministry is on the rocks; his show will only get more media coverage; and bad publicity is publicity through and through: all for the sake of the Gospel.

Goes to show an elderly statesman still has the balls to fight. Pat Robertson may not be running for President, but he sure is talking like a leader of a nation at war, who isn't afraid to cast out a demon when he sees one manifest.

Tue Mar 14, 10:02:00 AM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

hi, hip hope raven! You are right: Pat isn't running, but he IS talking like a leader or a nation at war -- and calling them like he sees them! -- gunjam

Wed Mar 15, 01:48:00 AM PST  

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