Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Great Day (for Disillusioned) Muslims to Become Apostates

A Great Day (for Disillusioned) Muslims to Become Apostates

As we read more and more of the global spread of the Cartoon Jihad madness – realizing that (as Arnaud DeBorchegrave has articulated) – that this is actually the warm-up for Global Intifada.  Moreover, as we  read more and more reports of Islamobeasts rioting, looting, and killing to prove their “devotion” to their sicko god, “Allah,” to their pederast-Prophet, Muhammad, and to their demon-breathed “Holy” Book, the Qur’an, it should become perfectly clear to all of us that this is an uncomfortable, untenable, and discomfiting situation for moderate Muslims the world over.

I would suspect that – given the opportunity sans physical threats – approximately 70% of all Muslim women would leave Islam in a heartbeat, so degrading and enslaving is that religion to the distaff sex.  

And that is just for starters!  I don’t know how many Muslim men – again, given the opportunity to depart Islam without fear of retribution against them or their loved ones – would gladly depart Islam immediately, but I am sure that the number would be in the hundreds of thousands, were their inner thought accessible to us.

Of course, under Shari’a law, a Muslim who departs Islam is known as an Apostate, and is worthy of death – and there are a number of places in the world today where death would gladly be meted out (probably by stoning) to those caught departing Islam.

Nonetheless, there is a group out there – Apostates of Islam – who are devoted to encouraging Muslims to make a break with this most-stifling of all religions.  (Hat tip: Some forgotten commenter on lgf some time ago, to whom apologies are due.)  

This organization even has a link to a telling modern-times video depicting several Islam-approved deaths by stoning.  This is must-see viewing for anyone who has been feeding on the Dhimmi news pablum of CNN, NBC, CBS, etc.

I encourage any disillusioned Muslim reading this post to visit the Apostates of Islam Web site, and to depart Islam.

Moreover, because leaving something for “nothing” is not a good idea, I would also encourage them earnestly to investigate the claims of the LORD Jesus Christ.  The Gospel according to St. John is a fine place to start.


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