Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tony Blankley Nails It on the Calls for Iraqus Interruptus!

Tony Blankley Nails It on the Calls for Iraqus Interruptus!

Tony Blankley, himself an immigrant to this country from England is – among other things – a gifted columnist for the Washington Times.

Possessed of a clarity of vision, Blankley has plainly limned out the significance of the current war against Islamofascism: It is a threat of equal magnitude to that which Nazism presented under Hitler.

We are not talking about a local threat to Iraq or Afghanistan – we are talking about a struggle between cultures that is global in scale.

Thus, we should not be surprised that Blankley nails the latest rounds of calls by leading Democrats for immediate withdrawal from Iraq.  I would coin the term for immediate withdrawal as “Iraqus Interrruptus.”  

The associations of that term are deliberate and apt.  In short it bespeaks the artificial termination of something approaching a natural and desired outcome – in this case, victory in Iraq.

Moreover, Blankley makes the telling point that the argument can be made that those so robustly calling for immediate “interruptus” are indeed liable to the charge of objectively threatening our national security.

Hey, Congressman Murtha, keep your “interruptus” fixation behind closed doors where it belongs, will you?


Anonymous SK said...

Hi there...I stole this one from you and sent it to one of my Marines....hope you don't mind. I think it might make his day to hear there are reporters saying good things. Especially considering where exactly he is and how tough his job will be today and tomorrow. Thanks JG.

Wed Dec 14, 09:10:00 AM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

Hi, sk! Why would I mind! The whole idea is to get this stuff out there! Hey, tell him and his friends to visit this blog often! Thank you for all you are doing to support our troops. My son requests prayer for all our troops for the elections today. -- gunjam

Wed Dec 14, 10:34:00 PM PST  

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