Monday, December 12, 2005

McPain Again: The Torture Issue

McPain Again: The Torture Issue

Senator McPain’s proposed restrictions on torture must be stopped.      

Once again, Senator McPain mistakes his own struggles with inner demons for the “main event.”  We all know that he was tortured in VietNam.  No doubt he is scarred – mentally, emotionally, and physically – for life from that harrowing experience.

Still, this anecdotal truth should not be allowed by McPain or by the Senate to cloud our thinking on what is the best way to run a war against terrorists, who – are you listening, Senator? – know NO rules!

Get it?  They will do ANYTHING to win.  We are in no position unilaterally eschew all torture, ever, anywhere, regardless of the circumstances.

Once again, McPain is playing to the MSM and to the Left – and once again, his stubbornness is hurting America and its fighting men.

As points out, McPain admits that torture worked (for the North Vietnamese) in his own case.

What is more important, our own troops are opposed to McPain’s proposed restrictions on interrogation.

Even more serious is the very legitimate concern that following McPain’s restrictions on how to exact information from prisoners may well result in more death.  

Doesn’t McPain watch any movies?


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