Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Whole Defeatist-Democrats-and-Joe-Lieberman-on-Iraq Thing

The Whole Defeatist-Democrats-and-Joe-Lieberman-on-Iraq Thing

This Mark Steyn piece is over a week old , but it does a great job of taking the Democratic Party down to size for ignoring the very real progress that has been made in Iraq since the  invasion – despite the very obvious and numerous missteps by the current Administration in the process.

Exhibit “A” in this war for the hearts and minds of the American people is Democratic Joe Lieberman  (D-CT), who, fresh from a visit to Iraq, opined for the Wall Street Journal in late November that we must not cut and run in Iraq for the sake of the 27 million Iraqis that will pay the price if we cave in to the 10,000-or-so that are fighting us (as Representatives Murtha,  Pelosi et al would have us to do).

As Neal Boortz opines, the Democrats actually want bad news, writing:

Remember...when a Republican is in the Oval Office....Democrats thrive on bad news. What's bad for America and bad for the Military is just fine for the left.

Well, the upshot of all this is that Lieberman is being rumored as a possible replacement for Rumsfeld.  (Hat tip: realclearpolitics.) should the latter step down sometime in the next six months or so and that the Democrats are furious at Lieberman for DARING to take a pro-War stand regarding Iraq. (Hat tip: lgf.)  

Little green footballs has a great discussion forum on this matter.


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