Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hewitt v. Savage: Give Me Savage (Every Time)!

Hewitt v. Savage: Give Me Savage (Every Time)!

Funny, though I have never heard Hugh Hewitt mention Michael Savage or Savage mention Hewitt on their respective talk radio shows, I have been told (or have read) that Hewitt despises Savage – and I am certain that the feeling is mutual.

Both men are enormously influential figures on the conservative political scene.  In fact, it would seem that that these two men rather define the two main schools of thought in among those who oppose Liberalism today – with Hewitt representing the “check-pants Republicans” (a Savagism) who daren’t break with the Northeastern GOP bluebloods and with Savage representing the once-Democrat-leaning taxi-cab drivers and construction workers who care not a whit for the finer points of inside-the-beltway infighting, but who DO want the borders sealed and the war on terrorists fought with a HELL of a lot more gusto than Andover-Yale-Harvard GWB and Princeton Rumsfeld are willing to put forth.  (Not the done thing, ol’ boy, you see!)

Hewitt and Savage are both brilliant individuals.  They are both well-educated (Hewitt is Harvard-UMich and Savage is Queens College-UCBerkeley).  Hewitt is an attorney turned media star and Savage is a Ph.D-level nutritionist turned media star.  Hewitt is a refined and outspoken evangelical Christian and Savage is a rough-cut Jewish religious eclectic.  Hewitt poo-poohs the uncouth Minutemen and Tom Tancredos of the world.  Savage celebrates them.  When the ten marines were killed in Fallujah last week, the stayed Hewitt played (admittedly moving) church music and calmly asked for prayer for the bereaved families.  The mercurial Savage, on the other hand, almost maniacally SCREAMED FOR REVENGE, CRIED OUT FOR BLOOD!

Hmm.  What to do here?  I, like Hewitt, am an evangelical Christian, but – of the two – I would take Savage as my commander-in-chief any day!

Last evening, Hewitt was gloating that Jim Gilchrist had lost a California Congressional election to a mainstream Republican.  Hewitt even went so far as to say that Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has had zero impact in Washington.  That last statement is either disingenuous or Hewitt has taken leave of his senses.  Tancredo was talking illegal immigration in Washington when on one else even knew it was an issue.  Now, it is THE ISSUE, which is what Savage as been saying all along for years – his mantra being, “Borders, Language, Culture!”

Come on, Hugh, try crawling down from your “holier-than-thou” high horse and CALL for some JIHADIST BLOOD and give Tancredo the credit he is due.  Everything that is done in Washington is not done in the press conference format, and you know it.

I say, “Viva Long Live Savage!”


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