Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Australians Reach the Tipping Point

Australians Reach the Tipping Point

The Lebanese Muslim immigrant community in Australia has long been overreaching itself – most saliently by brazen daylight gang-raping of white Australian women.

While hundreds of such rapes have been reported, fewer than a dozen Muslims have been charged and convicted with rape.

The very patient – but also very gutsy – Australian people have waited in vain for their insanely politically correct judicial system and police to do something to protect them.

While the Muslims have grown ever bolder, the Australian legal and law enforcement authorities have shown themselves to be little more than geldings or Dhimmis.  (Remember: They confiscated guns from the Aussies in 1996.)

This past few nights, the proverbial cowpie has hit the fan: The Aussies have had enough. While the MSM play this as the outbreak of violence on the part of drunken white neo-Nazis, one can pick up a different theme on some of the blogs out there where Australians are venting their spleen.

One great place to read these comments is this thread on lgf .

“We have had enough!” they are saying.

Indeed: They have.

Hats off to all brave Australians who have decided to defend their patria from the foreign, invading horde.

Stay tuned: This battle is spreading across the globe – and speedily.  

Americans: Arm yourselves.  Stand read to defend your families and yourselves when it comes to it!

Long live the Second Amendment!


Anonymous SK said...

It's about time! Thanks JG, that made my day.

Wed Dec 14, 09:03:00 AM PST  
Blogger GunJam said...

Hi, sk! Thank you for the kind words!

Wed Dec 14, 10:31:00 PM PST  

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