Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lickspittle Church of England Bishops Looking for Mullahs to Whom They Can Abjectly Apologize

Lickspittle Church of England Bishops Looking for Mullahs to Whom They Can Abjectly Apologize

In a trenchant opinion piece written for the JPost, America-based Catholic writer Joseph D'Hippolito scorches the …, er, cassocks off the leaders of the Church of England (CofE) for their recent report – “Countering Terrorism: Power, Violence and Democracy Post 9/11" – advocating that CofE leaders APOLOGIZE to Muslim leaders for the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq.

No matter that Saddam was a thug of the worst order:  The self-loathing CofE leadership apparently cannot irrationally blame themselves – and their countrymen – for imaginary sins enough nor exculpate Muslim tyrants and Islamic leaders of all wrong thoroughly enough

D’Hippolito, who has done his homework, states the following:

Beyond the obvious betrayal of British troops in the field, the report symbolizes two more substantial, disturbing tendencies among liberal Christian intellectuals: profound ignorance of Islam and a virulent pacifism that embraces appeasement.

D’Hippolito cites Heritage Foundation scholar Joseph Loconte, who attributes such utterly ludicrous tripe as this report to a pre-World War II utopianism.

But, it gets even worse better:  In its addendum, the report also excuses Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons, blaming their efforts on the poor behavior of the West.

It is small wonder that the Church of England is withering away in England, while it is vibrant in much of Africa and the United States (especially in smaller, break-away, Anglican Communions in the latter) – where many Anglican priests and their congregations love the Scriptures and apologize neither for loving their religion nor their countries.

Moreover, I would suspect that you can bet your eyeteeth that the African-based Anglican bishops know just what we are up against in the way of Islamic-based terror.

Well hath Michael Savage said: “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

(Hat tip: lgf.)


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