Friday, November 11, 2005

French Surrender Monkey Blames Bush/Iraq for Increase in European Islamofascism

French Surrender Monkey Blames Bush/Iraq for Increase in European Islamofascism

Al-Reuters admiringly reported on the whine of Jean-Louis Bruguiere, a top French anti-terrorism bureaucrat, to the effect that the war in Iraq is radicalizing Muslims in Europe – radicalizing them both to go to Iraq to fight and to return to Europe as hardened terrorists. (Hat tip: WND.)

My rejoinder:  When you fumigate a cockroach-infested house, you begin to see more cockroach activity.  The proper response, M. Bruguiere, is to recognize the cockroaches for what they are and step on them – not call them ladybugs and feed and coddle them, as the French have been doing to the newly-active cockroaches on their own soil for the past two weeks.


Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!..!! I am yet to see a better exposition of the savage communalists that the islamists dumped as a criminal burden on India and the West by the slimy, sleazy and wily islamofascists are. It is hard to characterize them from among the options:=

* vermins
* parasites
* viral growth
* greedily hogging pigs in a pig-sty
* greedy savages
* cowardly mice
* cancerous growth

"The muslims of India and Europe had more than their chance to join and assimilate but did not because they will have to give up that silly power. Lest I leave the impression behind that I am particularly anti-mousie or something, no. It just so happened that these mousies were the ones who made the decisions for clueless mullahs. Let us not do it for the greedy, dishonest and savage fascist mousies. Infidels do not owe them anything, at least in my view."
Words like "thugs, assassins, scums, barbarians, savages.." have all been used in the West but Indians use words like 'ultras' or 'guerillas' instead of even militants or extremists while the term "savage terrorists" is the most appropriate. Leave alone words.

Coming to action, you are again right; at least boycott is minimally needed to cut off blood supply to the unlimited cancerous growth. Even islamist countries like arabia, moracco, turkey...etc drain out the swamp by street to street round-ups, raids on mosques, jailing on mere suspicion. Israel and USA use a variety of tools like curfew, road blocks, air assaults, targetted assassination, shutting of water and power supply, high walls, modern armaments are used against civilians as collective punishment though some falsely claim there are only a few bad apples when the truth is the jihadism as much as 80-90%.

So, boycott of their business for minimal social justice! Spread this message to all you know!!

Tue Nov 15, 06:23:00 AM PST  
Blogger MoralSuperPower3 said...

Let me quote some very recent news items-

"Salem funded Atta's 9/11 suicide squad
Pramod Kumar Singh / New Delhi
Mafia don Abu Salem was not only involved in arranging arms and ammunitions for the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, he was also instrumental in providing funds to Mohammad Atta, the leader of al-Qaeda's 9/11 suicide squad of hijackers.

It has now been revealed that the conspiracy to kidnap Partho Roy Burman, the owner of Khadim Shoes, Kolkata was hatched by Salem and Ansari. The duo extorted over US $100,000 for the safe release of Burman. Of this, Salem paid a substantial amount to Atta during his stay in Boston.

The Homeland Security department of the US is in possession of proof in this regard."
"It is believed that the sensational kidnapping of two Rajkot (Gujarat) based diamond merchants Bhaskar Parikh and Paresh Shah was also planned by Salem and executed by Ansari. The Gujarat Police rescued Parikh in an encounter in Ahmedabad but the kidnappers managed to smuggle Shah to a hideout in Delhi and extorted crores of rupees for his safe release. The money allegedly went to Omar Sheikh Sayyed, the London educated hardcore HuJI terrorist. These kidnappings were part of the bigger conspiracy hatched by LeT to fund terrorist activities in India."
"In the 14-odd years after he stopped selling wallets and belts at a small Andheri stall and started doing business on the phone, Abu Salem has amassed a fortune that places him among the 50 richest individuals in India: he’s worth over Rs 1,000 crore."

Abu Salem's activities can be broadly summed up as follows:

(i) Used to be a prominent henchman of Dawood Ibrahim and was in charge of D company's havala transactions till he split from Dawood.

(ii) Involved in the Mehsana RDX recovery case of December 1997.

(iii) Involved in the Gulshan Kumar murder case of August 1997, number DCP/CID, CR no 71/97.

(iv) Detained by the Dubai police in a cheating case .
INTERPOL Red Corner Alert Notice Number: A-103/3-1995
He went to Pakistan in mid-1997 for making arrangements for the marriage of Dawood Ibrahim's brother Humayun.

Later, he went for Umrah with his family. Meanwhile, Dawood was able to persuade the Dubai authorities and the case was withdrawn. Salem returned to Dubai from Karachi in March 1998.
Salem is a notorious hitman. His name figures in the murder of music baron Gulshan Kumar. Vikram Vahi, alias Vicky, who was the one who actually pressed the trigger on instructions of Salem, was himself killed by Salem in Nepal.

Abu Salem was in close contact with the late Mirza Dilshad Beg, MP of Nepal...."
Nepali islamists are implicated too.
NEPAL IS ALSO LINKED - AS IT WAS IN THE GOLD BARs by MAFIA extraction FROM INDIA TO TALEBAN helped 9-11 too DURING Indian Airlines flight one New Year eve hijacked from Nepal to Kabul around 9-11 days.

Cards are stacked in favor of the innately and inherently Gandhian pacifist and anti-colonial indigenous population of India who seldom show natural backlash or reprisal - not alien cultures that invaded later, source of most criminality (I have tons of evidence).

That there is constant threat from neo-colonialism and continued violence to the Vedic people, their livelihoods (nearly 440+ mil are very poor), and their way of life (stoning of Ganesh functions and temple destructions to this day), attests to the fact that the situation is grave and indeed critical.

Please read articles by Swapan Dasgupta, my hero. Tavleen Singh of IE used to be OK when she noted the taleban and mullah domination of India. Now she is forgetting the Dalits, the permanent underclass.

Let me repeat-
Lack of progress in keeping social order is largely from the neo-mogul forces that target women, ruin public order by endless riots as in the most recent Mau savage murders where a Sanskrit school was burnt much like Paris nursery school burning...there has been little improvement in the criminal mind-set of the anti-Indian dark forces, situation remaining the same year after year, decade after decade in spite of concessions, benefits, appeasement even at the expnse of 250+ mil Dalits who are the permanent underclass.

It is the Dalit outscasts that need and deserve all the concessions, benefits, appeasement, without which they are easy targets for mind-games now being put to work by the same dark forces for de-stabilizing the nation. One mosque was found to have arab swords used to train Dalits. Ten deaths in India for the hurtful remarks of Jerry Falwell in distant USA - not in any 60+ islamic countries - and stoning of Ganesh festivities year after year - prove w/o any doubt that the minority of India have excessive rights. There is clear, concrete and over-whelming evidence more convincing every year that support my conclusions.

Only Black wrote-
well outlines the venom and hate that the islamofascists have been indulging ever since the birth of Islam, i.e. "grab-by-any-means-politics-in-religion". Spread the message of BOYCOTT of all islamist business. Such non-violent civil rights movement of Rosa Parks is what Indians need.

If there is no rule of law, you cant have either secularism nor democracy. Hindus have been excluded
from political space and political national identity, much like the apartheid of S Africa.
More muslims have been Presidents in India than Dalits who dont have a single Universiy for them while the islamofascists have more than three, including Jamia Milia Islamia university. We Blacks only dream of the kind of excessive freedom that Indian islamofascists enjoy."
Unless and until some measure of protest or BOYCOTT or both is implemented, I see no progress
in fascists attitude and behavior.

BOYCOTT of the dominant evil ISLAMISTS should last several DECADES until all guilty are punished, their population is down to 1945 levels.


Tue Nov 15, 06:36:00 AM PST  

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