Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Lesson Number One From the French Riots Arm Yourself!

Lesson Number One From the French Riots Arm Yourself!

With the exception of Michael Savage, I have not heard any media talking heads mention LESSON NUMBER ONE from the current (basically unresisted) French riots:  ARM YOURSELF!

If, after watching Paris – and all of France – anyone fails to grasp this lesson (and fails to ACT upon it), it will be his/her own fault that he/she cannot defend himself/herself when the Islamic riots (or any other kind of riots) come to a neighborhood near you.

I will never forget the videos of well-armed Korean shopkeepers keeping Los Angeles rioters at bay while the police sat back passively and did nothing during the “Rodney King” riots in apprx. 1992.

By the way, the obvious COROLLARY to Lesson Number One (Arm Yourself!) is the shocking reality that THE GOVERNMENT WILL NOT PROTECT YOU DURING A TIME OF CIVIL STRIFE!

Anyone foolish enough to think, “I don’t have to worry:  The Government will protect me,” will have quite a rude comeuppance if they ever see gangs marauding freely through their neighborhood.


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