Monday, November 07, 2005

Bush Waves White Flag of Appeasement on Torture, While His SECDEF Continues to Unleash “KGB” JAGs on Our Troops

Bush Waves White Flag of Appeasement on Torture, While His SECDEF Continues to Unleash “KGB” JAGs on Our Troops

Today, Bush publicly caved to Teddy Kennedy, the NYT, the Washington Post, AP, AFP, Reuters, the BBC, Knight-Ridder, and the rest of the Fifth Columnist jihadist sympathizers by ruling out torture of known terrorists captured by our military.  

May I go so far as to say that – aside from being a craven concession to his worst detractors – Bush’s unilateral concession to our jihadist enemies is immoral?  Who is Bush to say we will not torture men (or women) who plot day and night how they may bring us harm?  

Thank you, President Bush, for your eerily “Chiracian” stand that exposes my loved ones to more danger than they already face.  When are you going to quit trying to “make your enemies like you” by trying to appease them?  You should have said:  “We will do whatever it takes to win this war!  If it means torturing the enemy as badly as the British tortured our men during the Revolutionary War, then we will most certainly do so!  We are at War!”  Our very civilization is at stake!  

Meanwhile, we read that five members of the elite 75th Ranger Regiment have been arrested for– (get this!) punching and kicking detainees!  Why, what do these Rangers think they are doing – fighting ruthless cutthroat jihadists, or something?  The jihadists blow them up, and they only kick and beat their detainees (and get prosecuted for it!).  So, it’s Lose-Lose for our troops on the ground!

People should know that there is a Web site called Defend the Defenders that, in some cases, may be able to provide some financial aid for these accused soldiers’ defense:  

Additionally, there is a great attorney out there who specializes in defending military members (in ALL branches of service) who are facing trial.  He is a reserve Marine officer and he was the attorney who successfully defended 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano against the legal jihad that he faced at the hands of the Marine Corps JAGs.  

The attorney’s name is Mr. Charles Gittins.  His office is in Middletown, Virginia, and you can email him by clicking here.  Of course, Mr. Gittins’ counsel is not free, so folks may have to pitch in together to give these guys some financial help.  

If you know these five Rangers – or know someone who does – please get the word to these men about these resources!  Don’t let them be chewed up by Dumbsfeld’s leftist “KGB” JAG stooges!  

Yes:  SECDEF Dumbsfeld and his feminized General officers continue to turn an extremely liberal and ACLU-friendly JAG Corps loose on the troops, looking for every excuse to read them their rights, to arrest them, to investigate them, to suspend them from command, to Article 15 them, to court martial them!

Bush and Dumsfeld long ago threw the fighting man on the ground overboard to the Liberals seditionists in a ludicrous attempt to attempt to stave off media criticism of the war effort.  Their approach seems to be: “You want more troops court martialed and imprisoned for not being nice to the enemy?  Then we will GLADLY court martial and imprison more troops for not being nice to the enemy!  Now, will you PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE like us?  Pretty please?”

So, there you have it!  The Bush/Dumbsfeld strategy for victory in Iraq:  Appease your critics; spare your mortal enemy the rough interrogation treatment he so richly deserves; and, above all, send out what Michael Savage calls “the KGB” JAG Corps on a mission to prosecute our own troops relentlessly for the slightest miscue!

As Michael Savage asked rhetorically on his show today, “Who in his right mind would want to enlist in Rumsfeld’s military?”  (Remember that Savage is “savagely” pro-War – but insists that it needs to be fought more aggressively!)


Footnote:  Republican Party “shillster” and radio talk show host Sean Hannity had the Manchurian Candidate (Senator McPain) on his show today.  I did not hear the entire episode, but for most of it, Hannity was lobbing the Liberal, renegade, publicity-hound from Arizona nice softballs, such as, “Do you have any plans regarding running for President in 2008?”  Of course McPain hit that one out of the park!  

I did not hear ONE question from Hannity challenging McPain on his Fifth-Columnist stand against the torture of known terrorists under our control nor about his (with Chappaquiddick Ted) proposed “free-pass-for-lawbreakers amnesty” approach to illegal immigration.  Savage routinely savages Hannity on his show, referring to him derisively as “Pawn Vanity.”


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