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I have posted repeatedly in this blog of the Bush/Dumbsfeld Pentagon’s limp-wristed, hand-cuffed, Marquis de Queensbury Rules of Engagement and generally EFFEMINATE approach to prosecuting the war in Iraq.

I have also repeatedly called for the IMMEDIATE removal of the lost-in-the-details, removed-from-reality Dumbsfeld from the position of SECDEF.

I have also called into question the efficacy of most of the generals/admirals calling the shots in Iraq.

Now, this latest piece in puts the icing on the cake.

Mr. President:

If you don’t wish to go down in history as a Chirac-like jihadist-appeasing loser, please do the following:

  • Fire Dumbsfeld today

  • Fire all leading generals in charge in Iraq today.  (Why so timid?  Lincoln and FDR fired generals with relish!)

  • Tell your new SECDEF to order our soldiers in the field to shoot TO KILL all insurgents ON THE SPOT!  

  • Use our planes to FLATTEN KNOWN terrorist havens – giving civilians advance notice only if they have not actively supported the terrorists.  Suggestion number one for such treatment: Ar-Ramadi.

  • Tell your new SECDEF to quit sending our troops on patrols up and down the same roads on a daily basis in a manner that makes them SITTING DUCKS for IED attacks and ambushes.  Tell him to have his troops cut through fields and private property as needed to get the job done.  

  • Take the war to both Iran and Syria in ways short of invasion that will get their attention: Michael Savage suggests targeting Iranian port cities with cruise missiles in such a way as to cripple their trade.

  • Get in front of the American people and tell them that we must win this war so that Iraq (now) and the United States (later) don’t end up like France is today (burning).

  • Give a plug for the military: Encourage men to sign up for the military (but don’t do that until your new SECDEF has removed the immoral restrictions that Rumsfeld has placed on our troops preventing them from conducting an effective war effort).

  • Give a presidential pardon NOW to all troops who have been convicted or are currently under investigation for “murder” or “assault with a deadly weapon” or other such scurrilous charges in dealing with the ENEMY!

  • Warn your military JAGs that their time for harassing our troops in the field is OVER!

  • Inform the Iraqi Government that from now on, they have NO SAY regarding how WE run OUR military missions that are designed to keep THEM in power!

  • Call your internal enemies in Congress and the MSM what they are: seditionist, fifth-columnist and warn them that anti-sedition laws will be enforced from here on out, as needed.

I for one have had it with our sacrificing the well-being of our men on the ground in order to appease the very people who oppose the war in the first place.  Why are we giving the enemy a say in our tactics?  Does anyone think that will suddenly cause them to “like” us?  To ask such a question is to answer it.

Time to go after today’s enemy as fiercely as we did yesterday’s (as in World War II – not as in VietNam).

Time to wage this war LIKE WE MEAN IT!


Blogger Skippy-san said...

We may not agree about McCain, but Rumsfeld has definately outlived his usefulness........He should go because of his insistence on fighting a war on the cheap and cutting USAF and USN end strength alone......the rest is just gravy.

Mon Nov 14, 12:32:00 AM PST  

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