Friday, November 11, 2005

A Good Word about McPain/McCain

A Good Word about McPain/McCain

While I have in this blog routinely savaged Senator McPain/McCain over a number of issue for which he richly deserved savaging, I must now – in all fairness – tip my hat to the Senior Senator from Arizona for calling attention to the War in Iraq from the perspective for which I advocate: Namely, dissatisfaction with the LACK OF FOCUS and INTENSITY with which the war is being waged.

The piece even contains this doozy of a paragraph:

"The path forward in Iraq,” McCain warned, "must defeat the insurgency and keep faith with our troops, rather than be driven by the politics of the Republican base or rigid adherence to President Bush’s aimless course.”

Finally, perhaps, it may percolate up through the MSM that MUCH – yea, MOST – of the dissatisfaction with President Bush’s Iraqi Military endeavor in Iraq is because he is waging it too anemically – not too harshly.

Kudos to Mr. McPain/McCain for so courageously and boldly spelling out a vision for victory in a way of which our President seems incapable.

(Moreover, McPain/McCain apparently managed to do the above without quoting from the Qur’an!)


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