Sunday, November 06, 2005

Is Not Senator McPain Perhaps Just a Wee Bit Insane Regarding the Use of Torture?

Is Not Senator McPain Perhaps Just a Wee Bit Insane Regarding the Use of Torture?

Strange – or is it? – that the leading voice among the Vichy Republicans who are wobbly, queasy, and soft regarding the use of torture on captured terrorists (who, mind you, plot day and night to come up with better ways to kill YOU and your loved ones) is a former VietNam-era POW, Senator John McPain.

McPain served his country well, but there have been suspicions that he may not have survived his ordeal at the Hanoi Hilton with everything inside his cranium fully intact. Indeed, he has often been referred to as the “Manchurian Candidate,” to highlight his uncertain status.

Uncertainty about McPain’s mental and emotional stability will now have to be ratcheted even higher by a current piece in, wherein McPain is quoted (very oddly) asserting that torture does not work. (As the piece notes, McPain’s own autobiographical account relates how McPain’s own mistreatment and torture led him to offer up some military information to the North Vietnamese. There is something not quite right about this man, I tell you.

While McPain’s name has been bandied about as a viable Republican entrant into the 2008 Presidential campaign, it has become painfully obvious – as a result of his current and exceeding curious WE-MUST-NOT-TORTURE-BUT-CODDLE-THE-ISLAMOFASCIST-CUTTHROATS grandstanding – that he is simply not capable of withstanding the stresses required of anyone who must sit in the Oval Office – and particularly not at his current advanced age.

This is not to say that there is not MUCH that I admire about Senator McPain. However, the current acuity of his political powers of discernment is not among the McPain qualities that I so admire.


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