Sunday, November 06, 2005

Newsflash: Pot (Kennedy) Calls Kettle (Bush) Black!

Newsflash: Pot (Kennedy) Calls Kettle (Bush) Black!

Here is a laugher: Chappaquiddick Ted has opined that President Bush is “tarnished” by “scandal after scandal!”

Help me, but isn’t Teddy heir to a fortune amassed by his bootlegging father, Joseph?  

Funny, he is not scandalized by dirty money in his bank account, but he is just SOOOOOOOOO scandalized by the EEEEEEEEEEEEVIL behavior of the Bush Administration.

Funny again: I don’t recall Kennedy being appalled by all the (far worse) scandals that transpired during the Clinton years.

Please, Massachusetts!  Can you do NO BETTER than to foist this bottle-tippling buffoon on us year after year?


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