Friday, October 07, 2005

Give Them Ex Lax!

Give Them Ex Lax

I am currently working on a theory, hatched while composing my previous post: Islamofascists never smile (unless they are about to blow someone up) because they are CONSTIPATED!

Instead of seeking medical relief, they seek to end their lives of misery (as well as the lives of any unfortunate enough to be around them at the time) by “going out with a bang”.

Therefore, I am (tongue-in-cheek) appealing to all my (few) readers to write their Senators to support the Ex-Lax for Muhammad program!

Perhaps, we should also support a Porta-Potties for Abdul program, as well, if the Ex-Lax program ever gets off the ground.

(Don’t need to start a Toilet-Paper for Ismail program, because . . . , well, because they just use their . . . , their LEFT HANDS to take care of that chore!)


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